Throughout the years of running my business, I’ve built a list of trusted brands and resources that help me run my business as smoothly as possible. Though I am affiliates with these companies, I only choose companies with which I’ve worked and can vouch for their programs, products and services

Rock-Star Domain and Hosting Service






Digital Product Delivery to your Clients

Im often asked who to use to deliver digital programs and products to clients. You can do it directly through your website with a little programing know-how but if you’d like to skip that and get strait to making the moolah, I suggest e-junkie. Its quick and easy to set up and within a few minutes you can have a product ready to be purchased and delivered.

E-junkie Shopping Cart and Digital Delivery


Instant Marketing Pages, Squeeze Pages & Sales Pages

I use a couple of companies for this. Originally I started with Optimize Press when there were no other options. It use to be difficult to navigate yet a top choice among those who market online. Recently (within the last year or so) OP has upgraded to 2.0 and is quicker and easier than ever to use. You can now use them for both a theme or a plugin (currently I use the plug in) which is and was the plus for me to upgrade from 1.0 to 2.0. I HIGHLY recommend them. Hands down.

I also use Megaphone App. It by far is the easier and simplest landing page and squeeze page in history. It EASILY integrates with all the email marketing companies and your page can easily be up and accepting opti-ins (which are a MUST) in this business within 5 minutes (for reala!!!!!!!!!!) If they did everything that Optimize Press does Id go hands down with just them and we all know I’m a die heart Optimize Press fan!

optimize press



Now for Megaphone app

Megaphone app

Client Management Tools

Google Drive: Hands down I’m a fan of Google Drive. Formally Google Docs, you can manage all your client notes on a google document. You can also make documents to share with clients so they will know what they covered that week and what to expect the following week. In addition you can create spreadsheets to keep up with your social media and subscriber count and track revenue.

MailChimp: Free email list service and out of all of the free or low cost options, this is by far my favorite. I used Mailchimp until my company was well into 6 figures and I was ready to play with the big boys.

Infusionsoft: Speaking of big boys, Infusionsoft was where I landed when I left Mailchip. Its the all in one service that literally has helped my business grow by 25% with its smart campaigns and easy automated followup system. I HIGHLY recommend this once you’re ready to really start investing in your businesses automated marketing.

What are your thoughts?